We are a catering company with a mission unlike any other.

Great food, impeccable service, imaginative and elegant presentations... those are the easy parts.

We endeavor to empower women from all backgrounds: women returning to work with a passion for cooking, refugees and immigrants who share their local recipes, newly minted chefs, and others who just love culinary arts.

Training women from all backgrounds is what we live for. We are giving opportunities to people, by sourcing our staff from trade schools, community colleges, and non profit organizations focused on workforce development.

Teaching them to be great chefs and catering wizards is, for those of us who already have successful careers, a reward like no other. And when we all work together, to bring you a catered occasion that leaves everyone smiling, well, it's a very good day...  

Our trainees walk away with superior culinary skills, greater self esteem, confidence, and enhanced team building abilities.  Mission accomplished.....

Call Ratatouille and Company for your next event, and watch a team of talented professionals who happen to be wonderful women, work their hearts out for you.

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