Ratatouille and Company is thrilled to partner with Building One Community, a Stamford based immigrant resource center dedicated to helping immigrants and their families succeed in the community. For our part, we will be training these eager to learn men and women on the art of service and hospitality as part of the center’s “Conversation with The Check and Catering for Events” series. These interactive workshops provide budding food service professionals with the tools they need to properly serve and manage event situations.

What They Learn

The first service component students learn is how to properly set a table. Ratatouille Founder and service pro Evelyn Isaia provides her students with a comprehensive overview of a properly set table, its configuration purposes, the aesthetics of a thoughtful setting, and the functionality and benefits of an appropriately set table.

The table is set and now it is time for the service portion. Admittedly, service approach will vary due to event formality, cuisine, themes, location, and many other variables, but learning the basics of proper and formal service will provide students with a solid foundation from which to pull from.    Evelyn and her team take servers through the many scenarios that focus on plate placement and removal, silverware replacement, reading the guest, clearing a table, and being one step ahead of the guest at all times. Eventually, these practices become instinctive. Also covered is beverage service, as routine as pouring water and being aware of ice spills, to wine service and the proper way to open a bottle, present it to the guest, pouring the wine being mindful of drips, and knowing the suitable amount to be poured, to the appropriate way to refill a glass are all sometimes tricky waters to navigate – even for the service pro.

Overall, the classes are designed to be an enjoyable and fulfilling way to learn a new skill set. Regardless of a person’s background, having proper training and being confident in one’s ability sets them on a positive course for job opportunity, greater confidence, and economic sustainability and success.